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Chicken Perch - Make Wooden Chicken Perch for Hen Coop

How to Build a simple Chicken Perch for cheap

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Building instructions
  1: Make the chicken roost bar or roosting rod
  2: Make the Poultry Perch supports
  3: Fixing Chicken Roost in hen coop or aviary
Raising Backyard Chickens Tips
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Build a chicken perch - wood chicken perch - make a chicken perch - perches
Way to make a chicken perch
Installing Chicken Perch
How to attach a chicken perch in the coop
How to attach a Perch to a Chicken Coop:

Screw the support bases to the fence (in this aviary) or to the wall (in hen coop).

The Chicken perch height:
2 feet (24 inches).

Attaching a perch - Fixing a chicken perch - Chicken roost
Material for chicken coop perch
Homemade Chicken Perch
Build hen coop perch for cheap
How to attach a Perch to a Chicken Coop:
Drill and insert the srew in the holes before screw them into the 45 degrees support.
Install a hen coop perch - Installing chicken perch - Chicken roost
Chicken coop roosts
DIY Chicken Perch
Chickens Aviary features
How to attach a Perch to a Chicken Coop:

The support gives solidity and strength to roost.

Several chickens or poultry on the perch is a lot of weight!

Buy a chicken perch - Build chicken perch - Perches for chicken coop - chicken coop perch height
Cheap Coop Perch
Put Perches in Chicken Coops
Hen Perch Ideas
How to attach a Perch to a Chicken Coop:
Attaching the support on the fence and to the base of the chicken perch.
Attach a chicken roost - making hen coop perch - Chicken coop roost
Chicken Coop perch design
Backyard Chicken Coop
Installing chicken roost
How to attach a Perch to a Chicken Coop:
Side view of the aviary perch.
Bird Perch idea - Raising Chicken - Poultry supplies - How to design an aviary
Hen House Chicken roost
Chicken Roosts
How to build a chicken aviary
How to attach a Perch to a Chicken Coop:
Chicken Coop perch front view.
Where to place roost - Where to place perch - Build Perch - Cheap wooden chicken coop perch
DIY Cheap wooden chicken roost
Build an Aviary
Chicken Perch building ideas
How to attach a Perch to a Chicken Coop:
This new perch is ready for its first visitors with feathers.
Chicken perches - How to build wooden chicken perch for chicken coop
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