Backyard Chicken Coop and Run - Steps With Pictures

Strengthening the frame of chicken run walls

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Building instructions
  1: Install chicken run's frame posts
  2: Build the frame
  3: Install chicken wire to enclose walls
  4: Make the doors
  5: Attach doors to aviary's frame
  6: Bury chicken wire
  7: Strengthen the walls
  8: Design and finishing
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How to build Chicken run
Adding top beams
Tips for Solid Walls
Backyard chicken run idea
Strengthening chicken run frame :
For strenghtening the structure of this chicken aviary, 2x8x12 lumbers were attached height between the posts.

If you want to attach chicken feeders or other poultry accessories, use stronger beams.
How to build Chicken Coop
Leveling lumber before screwing
Building Chicken Pen
Rainsing backyard chicken
Strengthening chicken run frame :
For this chicken run, 2x8 lumbers are used.

For aesthetics, install them at the level.
Building Chicken Run
Both doors of the chicken coop run
Chicken House Plans
Easy way for strengthening chicken run frame
Strengthening chicken run frame :
Small 1x3's are fixed over the wire mesh for trapping and keep it in place.

Drill the board before screwing it to prevent cracking.
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