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How to Stratify Seeds - Cold Moist Stratification Germination Guide

How to Stratify Seed in the refrigerator

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Germination instructions
  1: Materials needed for cold stratification
  2: Seed Stratification Method
  3: Placing inside a common refrigerator
  4: Stratify Seeds - The germination
Tips for Starting your Seeds
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Stratify seeds in the refrigerator - Cold Stratification - Seed stratification
Indoor Cold Stratification
Cold Stratification
Imitate natural vernalization
Placing seeds inside a common refrigerator:
Place the Grip Seal Bags in a plastic container with cover.
Pretreating seeds to simulate natural conditions - Cold stratify seeds - Seed germination
Stratification & Baggie method
Seed stratification
Baggies storage for seeds
Placing seeds inside a common refrigerator:
Close the plastic cover.
Cold Stratification and storage - Making winter for seeds - Indoor cold stratification
Scarification or stratification
Stratify Seeds in the refrigerator
Method of seed germination
Placing seeds inside a common refrigerator:
Store your plastic container in the kitchen refrigerator.


Between 1C and 5C (34F and 41F)
Put seeds inside the refrigerator - Cold stratification technique - DIY cold stratification
Cold stratification and storage
Temperature Required for cold stratification
Stratify and start seeds indoors
Placing seeds inside a common refrigerator:
Vegetable drawer in a USA fridge refrigerator is the best place to store your seed for cold stratification.
Cold Stratification - Sowing and Seedlings seeds - seed soaking - cold moist stratification
How to stratify seeds in the refrigerator
Seeds storage in a cool
Stratify seeds to break dormancy
Placing seeds inside a common refrigerator:
It only remains to wait and check every week to see if perennial varieties have germinated.
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