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How To Build a Deck and a Wrap around Porch

Step by step instructions to build a deck and a wrap around porch

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Step 3: Setting the posts and deck joists - Framing a deck

Deck Framing instructions - Setting the posts and deck joists - How to build a balcony deck
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Put the posts on the head support of the piles. Install the main beam over the deck posts. Fasten the joists with joist hangers. To prevent wood warping install shims between the joists. To protect deck joists from rot, cover the top of the joist with Pylex Deck Frame Waterproof Strip.
Learn how to install deck posts, beam, joists, shims and waterproof strip.
Detailed instructions
Deck frame - How to build deck frame - Wrap around porch building instructions
Balcony deck - Setting the posts and deck joists - Framing a deck
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