How to build victorian elements for porch - Spandrel rail installation - Victorian decorative trims

How To Build a Deck and a Wrap around Porch

Step by step instructions to build a deck and a wrap around porch

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Step 7: How to build decorative porch spandrels

Spandrel - How to build porch spandrels - Decorative porch trims - Victorian trims for porches
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Spandrels are a decorative element adding a touch of victorian to your wrap around porch. An easy way to build them and for a low cost?

Cut balusters and fasten them between two treated wood handrails as top and bottom rails. You can add brackets under the spandrel too!
Learn how to make homemade decorative porch spandrels.
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How to build porch - Porches building plans - Gallery rails for porch - Spandrel rail installation
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