Sheet mulching before and after - Smother Grass with Cardboard and Mulch - DIY Front Yard

How to Turn a Front Yard Into a Garden

Sheet mulching method - Eco-friendly alternative - No grass front yard landscaping - Smother lawn

Step by step instructions to create a front yard garden

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Step 3: Install cardboard to kill weed or grass - Sheet Mulching

Sheet Mulching Permaculture - Sheet mulching process - Sheet mulching with cardboard and wood chips - No Grass Front Yard Landscaping
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How to make a bed with cardboard? Use the sheet mulching method with wood chips and cardboard.

An easy way to kill grass lawn or weed  for a new large raised bed project. Useful tip when you create a front yard without grass!
Learn how to properly install cardboard for smothering grass.
Detailed instructions
Sheet mulching for front yard landscaping idea without lawn - Smother grass ideas
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