How to build a waterfall - Aerate a pond by building a waterfall - Making Homemade Waterfalls

How to Build a Pond Waterfall

Stone waterfall design - Koi pond idea - Landscape waterfall - Waterfall weirs - Japanese waterfall

Step by step instructions to create a backyard waterfall

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Step 2: Lay fabric underlayment & rubber liner - Place the rocks

How to build a waterfall - Lay fabric underlayment and rubber liner - Place the rocks for edging upper pool pond waterfall
The next step
Remove sharp debris. Lay the fabric underlayment and ruber liner. Add another layer of fabric over pond liner to protect it. Place the rocks for edging. Consider the level of water in the pool for flowing over the spillway stone. There is no problem about realistic look of your pond waterfall. It will take some time before to become naturalized.
Learn how to install pond waterfall underlayment fabric and rubber liner.
Detailed instructions
Waterfall header pool - Build a waterfall in your garden - Garden waterfall DIY instructions 
How to build a Pond Waterfall
Build a waterfall - Quick guide to building a stone-lined, fit-anywhere, good-looking backyard pond.
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