How to make wood chip mulch - Making wood chips with chipper

How to Make Wood Chip Mulch

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Step by step instructions for making organic mulch

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Step 4: Make your own wood chips - Rent or buy a wood chipper

How To Make Your Own Mulch With A Chipper Shredder
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If you don't have the occasion to get ramial chipped wood (wood chips) from an arborists, it is still possible to buy or rent a wood chipper to do the work at home. Many models of wood chipper shredder are available on the market. Don't forget that you need branches as raw material for making wood chip mulch!
Learn how to make your own wood chip mulch using a chipper shredder.
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How to make mulch at home - How to make organic mulch using wood chips 
How to make wood chip mulch at home - Wood chipper for garden
DIY Wood Chip Mulch
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