How To Overwinter Geraniums - Carry geranium to the potting bench

How to Overwinter Geraniums

Options for overwintering geraniums - Overwintering garage method - Zonal geraniums - Organic garden

Step by step instructions for overwintering your geraniums

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Step 3: Move geranium plants to the potting bench

How to overwinter geraniums - Move geraniums to the potting bench
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After the digging up step, shake well geraniums to remove dirt off the roots. Drop them in a plastic container or a cardboard box.

Move the pelargoniums or geraniums to the potting bench for preparing them to transplanting.
Learn how to transport your geraniums froms garden beds or containers to the potting bench.
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Re-pot geranium plants - How to winterize geraniums 
Overwintering Geraniums - Remove your geranium and prepare it for replanting
Overwintering Geraniums
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