How To Overwinter Geraniums - How To Prune Geranium Plants

How to Overwinter Geraniums

How to grow geranium over the winter - Gardening magazine - Hand pruners - Geranium cuttings

Step by step instructions for overwintering your geraniums

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Step 4: Clean and prepare geranium plants for transplanting

How to prune geranium plants
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Set up a work table and have tools and materials ready. Place the tray containing your geranium plants on the table. Remove the dead leaves. With a hand pruner, prune roots.

To propagate your geraniums you can divide them at this step.
Learn how to prune, clean and prepare geranium plants before transplanting step.
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Préparer les géraniums pour l'hivernation - Conseils pour garder ses géraniums 
Winterizing geraniums - How to Grow Geraniums Over the Winter
Overwintering Geraniums
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