Overwintering geraniums - Fertilizing geraniums in pots

How to Overwinter Geraniums

Geranium care tips - How to grow geraniums - Geranium as houseplants - Fertilizer for geraniums

Step by step instructions for overwintering your geraniums

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Step 6: Fertilize and water geraniums in pots before wintering

How to fertilize geraniums - Fertilizer for geraniums
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Before storing your geraniums in a garage, in basement or in front of a window as houseplant, fertilize and water them. Plants must be stored in a frost-free place. During the winter season, you can overwinter your geraniums as a houseplants to decorate your house.
Learn how to fertilize, water and store your geraniums over the winter months.
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How to store geraniums over the winter months - Wintering geraniums basement 
Watering geranium before wintering as houseplants - How to overwinter geranium plants
Overwintering Geraniums
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