Cutting the seed coat using abrasion - Seed scarification

How to Scarify Seeds for Easy Germination

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Method for scratching seed to improve germination

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Step 3: Make a seed scuffer for scarifying seeds

Seed Scarification Method - How to make a seed scuffer
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Sandpaper stapled at the end of a stick and you got your new seed scuffer. Wrap the bottom of your plastic container with the same sandpaper grade and you get your mortar. Ready for doing the process of breaking, scratching and altering seed coat. It's cheap way for making a scarification tool!
Learn how to make a tool for rubbing seeds which have a hard outer coat.
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Seed Scarification Tools - How to make a tool for scratching seeds and altering seed coat 
Seed Starting Tips - Learn the method to scarify the seeds for best germination
Seed Scarification Techniques
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