Pond Heater - How to Set Up a Pond De-Icer in Koi Pond Water Garden

How to make an homemade pond de-icer

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Making and installing
  1: Pond de-icer - Materials
  2: Making a pond de-icer
  3: Power cable and power supply
  4: Installing the pond de-icer
  5: Starting and operating de-icer
  6: Monitoring during winter
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Ponds and Water Gardens de-icers
Assemble the parts of the homemade pond de-icer
Submerged Pond De-Icer
Pond Deicer for Water Gardens
Make a pond -de-icer :
Turn the plastic garden pot and make holes at its end. Place the pond basket for aquatic plants on top of the pot and secure it with ropes.
Deicing Systems and Pond Bubblers - How to make a pond de-icer
Submerged pond de-icer idea
DIY Pond De-Icer
How to de-ice koi pond water garden
Make a pond -de-icer :
Put the submersible pond pump into the bottom of the aquatic plant pond basket.
Pond Heater 
Pond & Water Garden De-Icers
De-Icing your Pond
Fish overwintering in the pond
Make a pond -de-icer :
Stabilize the pond pump by adding two round stones to its sides.

Make a hole in one of the sides of the pond basket to pass the power cable.
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How to make a homemade Pond de-icer - Steps
DIY Pond De-Icer
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