How to Make a Pond De-Icer Heater with your Water Garden Pump

Deicer power cable & power supply

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Making and installing
  1: Pond de-icer - Materials
  2: Making a pond de-icer
  3: Power cable and power supply
  4: Installing the pond de-icer
  5: Starting and operating de-icer
  6: Monitoring during winter
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Pond heater and Pond De-Icer
Power cable

Homemade Pond De-Icer

How to reuse your pond pump for a de-icer
Power cable and power supply - Safety :
Pass the electric wire through the pond basket hole.
Power supply for a pond de-icer
CFGI weather outlet box
DIY Pond De-icer
Keep a hole at the surface
Power cable and power supply - Safety :
For safety, plug in the de-icer into an CFGI weather outlet box.
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How to make a homemade Pond de-icer - Steps
DIY Pond De-Icer
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