Pond Deicing - How to Deice a Pond using a De-Icer or Heater

Monitoring de-icer in winter

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Making and installing
  1: Pond de-icer - Materials
  2: Making a pond de-icer
  3: Power cable and power supply
  4: Installing the pond de-icer
  5: Starting and operating de-icer
  6: Monitoring during winter
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Overwintering pond - Pond de-icer and pond heater
Pond de-icer prevents complete freeze-over of ponds

Garden Pond in Winter

How to de-ice your backyard pond
Monitoring pond de-icer in winter :
The de-icer forms a water dome or water bubble which keeps an opening in the ice cover and expels the toxic gas to ensure the survival of the fish.
Deicing a garden pond
Vented space in the ice
Overwintering Water Garden Fish
How to make a pond-deicer
Monitoring pond de-icer in winter :
Create a vented space in the ice that allows the fish to get oxygen in the winter.
Garden Pond de-icer and pond heater
Pond de-icer running
Turn a Pond Pump into a Pond De-Icer
Pond heater or pond de-icer
Monitoring pond de-icer in winter :
Fish and kois slow down their metabolism in winter. Gas expelling through the opening is essential.

Snow builds up around the hole in the ice. The de-icer is much more powerful than a simple pond bubbler in winter conditions where the temperature can drop below -43 degrees.
De-icing your koi pond and water garden
De-icing your koi pond and water garden
Keeping your fish in your Pond
Why moving pond fish indoors?
Monitoring pond de-icer in winter :
Even if an ice dome forms, the stirring created by the de-icer keeps the opening open.
Overwintering Pond Fish
Overwintering Pond Fish
De-Icer for Extreme Climate
Way for keeping your fish in your pond
Monitoring pond de-icer in winter :
Without water playing the role as a resistance to the output of the pump, the de-icer could be transformed into a fountain and empty the water in the pond.

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De-icer running
Pond de-icer and Pond Heater
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