Sowing Sunflower Seeds Indoors

Plant sunflower seeds in pots and watering

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Tips & Techniques
  1: Choosing sunflower varieties
  2: Fill peat pots with seed starting mix
  3: Plant seeds and watering in greenhouse
Seed Starting Tips
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Sunflower seeds
Sunflower seeds
How to Plant Sunflower Seeds
Garden decorating using sunflowers
Planting and watering sunflower seeds :
Giant sunflower seeds on the fertilizer container cover.

Fertilize the sunflower seedlings with a 20-20-20 water soluble fertilizer.
How to Fertilize Sunflowers
Fertilizing sunflower
How to Fertilize Sunflower Seedlings
Sunflower Fertilizer Requirements
Planting and watering sunflower seeds :
Sunflowers are not demanding plants. Their fertilization isn't require.

But once planted in place, if you want to break some height records, sunflowers will need fertilizer.
Plant sunflower seeds
Titan Sunflower seed over a peat pot
Growing Sunflowers from Seeds
Method for great transplantation
Planting and watering sunflower seeds :
With the end of a pencil, make a 1/2 inch hole in the center of the peat pot.
Sunflower seeds
Sunflower seeds planting depth
Seed Sowing Depth
How much depth do sunflowers need
Planting and watering sunflower seeds :
Insert a sunflower seed into the hole; the sharp end of the seed down.
Watering sunflower seeds
Watering sunflower seeds
Sunflower Watering Needs
Misting Mode Watering
Planting and watering sunflower seeds :
Water the sunflower seedling peat pot using a watering can or garden hose.

You can fill the black growing tray and let the peat pot drink the water.

The seeds should germinate within 7 days.

Let your young plants grow to a height of 5 inches and plant outside in a sunny section of your garden.
How to sow sunflower seeds
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