Chicken Tunnel Between Coop and Run

Idea for a passageway in your strorage shed

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Building instructions
  1: Way between coop & run - Defining the need
  2: Door rough opening - Make both doors
  3: Attach chicken netting on the tunnel frame
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Passageway for chickens in a backyard shed
You built a chicken coop without a run just next to our strorage shed and later you make a choice to build a run to the other side of your backyard shed?

You will need to create a chicken tunnel or a passageway for that hens moving from one location to another.

Check out this DIY project!
Chicken tunnel door
Chicken tunnel
Chicken tunnel idea in a strorage shed
Chicken coop
Chicken coop run - Storage shed - All seasons chicken coop
Chicken Tunnel Idea
Tips to adapt space to requirements
Chicken tunnel in your backyard shed :
On the left, the chicken coop and run in the center, the backyard shed, on the right the winter hen coop.
Insulated Chicken coop
Chicken coop design
Insulated Chicken Coop
All season chicken coop
Chicken tunnel in your backyard shed :
I could have made a direct passageway between the chicken run coop and the hen house but I could not make an opening in the heated space at the back of the winter.

The passageway must therefore pass through the storage shed.

The door of the chicken tunnel will then be located on the left wall.
Chicken coop run
Storage shed back view
Chicken Coop Run
Raising backyard chickens
Chicken tunnel in your backyard shed :
The hens in the outdoor chicken run in summer.
Chicken coop automatic door
Chicken tunnel area
Hobby Farming
Coop designs and features
Poultry netting and material:
One rough opening in the wall of the garden shed.
Poultry house tunnel 
Poultry house tunnel layout
Tunnel in your Backyard Shed
Chicken house fit-out
Poultry netting and material:
The opening leading to the heated hen coop.

Size of the hole 1' x 1'.
Chicken tunnel 
Back of chicken coop and backyard shed
Chicken Coop Plans
Adapt your shed for a chicken tunnel
Pond de-icers and heaters - Material needed :
Here one can see the opening and the door leading to the chicken tunnel from outside the garden shed.
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