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How to Attach a Ramp to a Shed

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Steps & instructions to build a ramp for a backyard shed

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Step 2: Attach the stringers to the ledger board

How to attach a ramp stringer to shed ramp ledger board - Wood shed building - How to construct a wooden shed ramp
The next step
After shed ramp ledger board installation step, attach the ramp stringers to the ledger board. Use 4 x 4 pressure treated timbers. Spacing the stringer locations evenly. Level the ramp with flagstones and secure the base of ramp frame with 4-inch screws.
Learn how to attach the shed ramp stringers to the shed ramp ledger board.
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Shed ramp stringers - Measure and cut shed ramp stringers - How to build a shed ramp - Wood shed ramp idea
How to build a shed ramp
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