How to clean a deck - Restore and maintain a deck - How to remove gray from wooden deck

How to use Deck Cleaner

Way to clean decking - Wood cleaner - DIY wooden deck - Decking - Protecting outdoor wood

Instructions for cleaning a deck with a pressure washer

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Step 2: Apply the cleaning solution to the deck

Applying Wood Cleaner Solution for restore wood to its original appearance - Clean deck instructions - Deck cleaning
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The wood cleaner mix is now ready to apply. Water the surface with your watering can. Let the wood cleaner sit on the surface of the deck. The wood cleaner dislodges mold, mildew, barbecue grease and other debris. Brush the surface with a stiff bristle brush to work cleaning agent into wood.
Learn how to apply a wood cleaner for washing your deck.
Detailed instructions
Apply the cleaning solution to the deck - Deck cleaner for mold and mildew - How to clean a deck - How to clean outdoor wood
Power Wash Deck
Cleaning a deck before staining - Deck cleaner for mold and mildow
Deck Cleaning Instructions
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