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How to Build a Chicken Roost

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Step-by-step instructions to make a chicken perch

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Step 1: Making a chicken perch - Select materials

How to build a Chicken Roost - Instructions for making a Chicken perch - Make a chicken perch - List of materials
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What does a Chicken Coop Need? Chicken roost! How to build a chicken roost? Easy to make, chicken perches or roosts meet the instinctive needs of chickens, perching. Install it in chicken coop, chicken run or in an aviary. Making perch requires just few materials. Consider using recycled boards for a cheap perch.
Learn how to make a chicken roost and what is the material required.
Detailed instructions
How to build a chicken perch - Chicken roost size - Chicken perches for sale 
Chicken Roost
Make a Chicken Perch - Poultry supplies - What size roost should be used for your chickens
Chicken Coop Perch Design
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