Build a backyard waterfall - Cascading waterfall - How to build a rock waterfall for a pond

How to Build a Pond Waterfall

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Step by step instructions to create a backyard waterfall

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Step 1: Excavate upper pool and set the spillway stone

How to build a waterfall - Waterfall Starter Excavation and Placement - Cut Waterfall Drops in the Channel
The next step
Plan an excess of pond liner for making your pond waterfall. First, choose the location. You can install waterfall on hill or slope. Excavate the upper pool and build the foundation with concrete blocks before laying rubber and stacking stones. Select large flat stone for setting the waterfall spillway.
Learn how to plan and design your pond waterfall.
Detailed instructions
How to build a pond waterfall - Spillway waterfall cascade - waterfall spillway ideas - Waterfall weirs and spillways 
Pond Waterfall
Build a waterfall - Quick guide to building a stone-lined, fit-anywhere, good-looking backyard pond.
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