How to build a waterfall - Step by step instructions for making a pond waterfall in your backyard

Stacking Flat Stones for a Pond Waterfall

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Steps & instructions to create a wall waterfall

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Step 3: Stack flat stones for making a wall waterfall

How to build a waterfall - How to stack stones for water features - Outdoor Wall Waterfall design idea
The next step
At the end of the waterfall upper pool, you can add a wall waterfall. Use flat stones and stack them. Keep in mind the water course to design the wall. Install a small pool on top to receiving the water flow from the pond pump. Adjust rubber line properly to prevent water leakage.
Learn how to build a wall waterfal for a pond waterfall.
Detailed instructions
How to build a wall waterfall - Pond Waterfall header - How to build a pondless waterfall  
Wall Waterfall
Build a waterfall - Quick guide to building a stone-lined, fit-anywhere, good-looking backyard pond.
Waterfall Design Idea
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