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How To Build a Chicken Coop

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Step by step instructions to build a four seasons chicken coop

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Step 4: Installing Exhaust Fan in Chicken Coop - Remove Humidity

Installing exhaust fan in Chicken coop - Chicken coop ventilation - How to ventilate a chicken coop - Chicken coop fan
The next step
An insulated coop will retain more heat and humidity. How to ventilate a chicken coop to remove humidity  during winter and keep the chickens cooler from the summers heat?

You can install an exhaust fan for fresh air and to remove moisture.
Learn how to install a small exhaust fan in your chicken coop.
Detailed instructions
Chicken Coop Fan - Poultry coop fan - Controlling chicken coop moisture - Insulate chicken coop - Exhaust fan inside chicken coop
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How to build a four seasons chicken coop - Chicken coop building steps - Instructions for building chicken coop
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