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How to Hang a Vintage Planter to a Tripod

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Steps for hanging a cast iron cauldron planter to a tripod

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Step 1: Everything you need to get started - Material list

Container gardening idea - Reusing a cast iron cauldron
The next step
Do you have an old cast iron pot or cauldron stored in your backyard shed? Why not show it off in front yard by hanging it up while filling it with flowers to decorate the garden.

A tripod of wood, industrial chains, potting mix and flowers and you have all the material to carry out this project.
Learn what's material that you need for making a tripod, hanging and filling a vintage cast iron cauldron planter.
Detailed instructions
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Cauldron planter 
Cast iron cauldron as vintage planter
Reuse a cast iron cauldron as a vintage planter
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