Wintering Geraniums - Dig out geraniums

How To Save Geraniums Over The Winter

Keeps geranium safe from frost damage - Winterizing geraniums - Gardening tips - Garden tools

Steps & instructions for overwintering your geraniums

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Step 2: Remove your geraniums from the ground

Overwintering Geraniums - Dig your geranium before the first frost
The next step
Before the first fall frost, remove your geranium plants from your window boxes, planters, pots or raised beds. Carefully dig up your geraniums using a garden trowel.

Ensure that dig out the plants with a maximum of roots!
Learn how to dig the geranium out of the ground.
Detailed instructions
Dig the geranium out of the ground - Saving your geraniums 
Overwintering geraniums
Geraniums as indoor potted plants - How to Winterize Geraniums
Overwintering Geraniums
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