How to remove grass - Using sheet mulch to kill grass

How to Remove Grass for edging

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Instructions for removing sod easily before mulching

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Step 2: Dig and remove the sod of the bed edge

Sheet Mulching - Start digging edge - Determine the outline of the bed and remove the sod of the edge
The next step
Determine the outline of your bed. You can use a rope to layout it. Start digging the edge. Remove one foot wide or sod for edging the garden bed using a garden spade. Secure all borders against weeds. To enrich your soil, you can put sod in the bed. Cardboard will kill grass!
Learn how to dertermine the layout of your garden bed and to dig its edge.
Detailed instructions
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How to Sheet Mulch - Convert your lawn by sheet mulching - How to remove grass
Sheet Mulching Instructions
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