How to Install an Outdoor Electrical Outlet

Outdoor GFCI outlet mounting tree stump

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Step by step instructions
  1: Mounting idea for fixing an outdoor outlet
  2: Attach decorative cedar stump to the ground
  3: Landscape installation spot
  4: Lay the paving stones
  5: Fix outdoor electrical outlet to the stump
  6: Outdoor GFCI electrical outlet for garden
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Idea to decorate and bring power anywhere in your garden
Electrical outlets are very useful in a garden. Whether it's to plug the gardening tools, pond pump or an extension cord for the block heater in cold winter or anything, they provide great services to their users.

Gardening USA presents a project about installing a decorative stump support for an outdoor electrical GFCI outlet.

For greater safety, useful and a good idea for decorating and landscaping a spot in your garden!

Idea to bring some rustic charm to your main entrance!
Tree stump ideas
Outdoor electrical outlet
Idea for decorating your garden and tips for installing an outdoor GFCI electrical outlet in your backyard
Cedar Stump
Cedar stumps
How to Choose a Nice Stump
No rot cedar tree stump
Tree stump as an outdoor outlet post :
Use an old 60 inches (diameter) cedar tree stump.

This tall tree trunk will be used as a support or post for an outdoor electrical outlet.
Tree Stump Ideas
Means for moving an heavy cedar stump
How to Decorate with Tree Stump
Garden Landscaping Idea
Tree stump as an outdoor outlet post :
To move a heavy log, put logs under it and push it to the spot of stump installation.
Remove the bark
Remove the bark from the tree stump
Removing the Bark
Thing to do with tree stump
Tree stump as an outdoor outlet post :
Remove the bark from the tree stump to improve its resistance to rotting.
Roof repair
Coal tar pitch
Protect the Base of a Tree Stump
Preserving wood underground
Tree stump as an outdoor outlet post :
Get tar from an hardware store to protect the buried base of your tree trunk.  It will be used as a decorative post for fixing an outdoor electrical outlet on it.
Outdoor outlet post
Tree stump in place
Main Entrance Decorating Idea
Install a tree stump as outlet post
Tree stump as an outdoor outlet post :
Set the piece of wood to the desired location and do some tests for stability and position.

Plan to install it close to the underground electric wire which will bring the electricity to the outside outlet from an electrical panel or a near electrical box.
Install an outdoor outlet
Outdoor outlet work area
Garden Art
Wooden sculptures ideas
Tree stump as an outdoor outlet post :
If you opt to add pavers, remove the stump and excavate the installation spot by at least one foot of depth.
How to Protect a Wooden Post from Rotting in the Ground
Protect a tree stump end from rotting
How to Protect a tree stump end from Rotting in the Ground
Spread coal tar pitch
Tree stump as an outdoor outlet post :
After leveling the base of the tree trunk with a chainsaw, apply tar to the end that will be buried.
Protect Post from Rotting
Preparing the bed and finishing cut
Install a Decorative Outlet Post
Way to bring electricity to garden
Tree stump as an outdoor outlet post :
Cut a landscape fabric piece to control weeds and improve water drainage.
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