How to Plant an Apple Tree

Tips for choosing and planting apple trees

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Building instructions
  1: Choose apple tree variety
  2: Choose location and space requirements
  3: Make the planting mix
  4: Dig a planting hole
  5: Plant water stake and care
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Apple tree is a fruit tree known for its apple production in areas where the climate is temperate. There are hundreds of varieties of apple trees available in garden centers or from fruit tree growers.

Planting an apple tree in the garden is much easier than you might think.

The quality of the soil, the sunshine rate in the planting location and the spacing between the apple trees are factors to consider.

This tutorial gives you some advices and tips on how to choose and plant an apple tree.
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Plant apple tree
How to choose and plant an apple tree - 5 Easy Steps
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Apple tree varieties
How to choose a variety of apple tree
Fruit Tree Nursery
Choosing an apple tree to plant in your garden :
When buying your apple tree, consider:

- Your hardiness zone (climate)
- The space in the garden
- The variety's resistance to diseases
- The qualities you are looking for in the apple (color, flavor, conservation, etc.)

Keep information sheets or tags for apple varieties purchased in stores.
Apple tree varieties
More than 8,000 different varieties of apples
Before Buying Apple Trees
Factors to consider
Choosing an apple tree to plant in your garden :
It's recommended that apple trees be planted in a sunny location where the soil is well drained.

Best time for planting is early in spring.

You can still plant an apple tree in summer or in autumn if the apple tree you have just bought is in a pot.
Buying apple trees
Buying apple trees
Pollination of Apple Trees
Self-fertile varieties or Self-infertile varieties
Choosing an apple tree to plant in your garden :
In most cases, apple trees are not self-fertile. If you want to have apples, you will need to buy at least two varieties of apple tree to ensure fertilization in order to obtain fruit.

There are still self-fertile varieties.

It is therefore important to consider this factor when purchasing your apple trees in nurseries.
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