Pond De-Icer - Making and Installing a Pond Heater

Pond de-icer or homemade pond heater - Materials

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Making and installing
  1: Pond de-icer - Materials
  2: Making a pond de-icer
  3: Power cable and power supply
  4: Installing the pond de-icer
  5: Starting and operating de-icer
  6: Monitoring during winter
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How to make and install a pond de-icer in your backyard pond?

For helping toxins to escape from under the ice and create a vented space in the ice that allows the fish to get oxygen in the winter, a pond de-icer or pond heater is essential to keep your fish safe (overwintering them).

How to make your own pond de-icer? How to set up your pond heater in your koi pond?

Gardening USA presents the tips for making a cheap pond-de-icer from a pond pump and a pond plant basket.

This pond-de-icer can operate for temperature going until -43 degrees.

Check out this tutorial!
Pond heater and pond de-icer
Pond De-Icer
Keep your fish safe during cold winter with this homemade pond de-icer
Homemade Pond Heaters
Materials needed for making a pond de-icer
Pond Heater and De-Icer
How to make your own poond de-icer
Pond de-icers and heaters - Material needed :
Three things are required to mount an homemade pond de-icer:

- Pond basket for aquatic plants.
- Large plastic pot that will serve as a support.
- Submersible pond pump.
Pond pumps for a pond heater or a pond de-icer
Pond pumps used as a pond heater or a pond de-icer
Keeping pond fish safe
During winter season
Pond de-icers and heaters - Material needed :
A submersible 3500 gallons per hour pond pump for pushing the water well. The reducer is removed to use the 2" outlet.

For making your pond de-icer, you can use the same pump used during the summer.
Pond Waders
Pond waders
Set up a Pond De-Icer
Submersible pond de-icer
Pond de-icers and heaters - Material needed :
To be comfortable and protected from cold water when installing the de-icer, purchase a pair of neoprene waders.

You can also use them during the regular maintenance of your garden pond.
Pond maintenance - Pond waders
Fishing waders for pond maintenance
Pond maintenance clothing
How to install a pond heater
Pond de-icers and heaters - Material needed :
Choose the model of waders that suits your size. Don't hesitate about the quality when buying.
How to set up a pond de-icer in your koi pond - Pond heater
Ready for installing my homemade pond de-icer
Winterizing a Pond
Winter pond health
Pond de-icers and heaters - Material needed :
The Clever Gardener has all the necessary equipment for making and installing the garden pond de-icer.
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