How to Plant Sunflower Seeds

Choosing sunflower varieties

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Tips & Techniques
  1: Choosing sunflower varieties
  2: Fill peat pots with seed starting mix
  3: Sow seeds and watering in garden greenhouse
Seed Starting Tips
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Planting sunflower seeds

Native to North America and related to Jerusalem artichoke, sunflower is an interesting annual plant to grow in your garden.

Giving a rustic appearance to a garden in addition to embellishing the decor with its unique flowers that orient towards the sun.

Gardening USA presents this tutorial to know how to sow sunflower seeds before planting plants into your garden.
Sunflower seeds
Planting sunflower seeds
Tips for sowing sunflower seeds
Sunflower Titan
Sunflower seed packet. Titan cultivar
How to Start Sunflower Seeds
Mammoth and Titan sunflower
How to choose your sunflower variety :
There are several varieties of sunflowers. Three criterias to consider when choosing the variety of sunflower you want to grow:

1- The height
2- The size of the flower
3- The color of the flower
Giant sunflowers
Package of giant sunflower seeds
Types of Sunflowers
Colorful sunflowers
How to choose your sunflower variety :

In this tutorial, we will sow sunflower seeds of «Titan» variety.

A variety of giant sunflower! (one of the most tallest)

For growing them indoors from seeds, packets of sunflower seeds can be purchased from annual seed retailers or gardening center. Feel free to get them in seeds sharing groups too.
Growing sunflowers
Growing tips on the seeds sachet
Sunflower Seed Packets
Brake some height records
How to choose your sunflower variety :
Don't sow sunflower seeds too early.

In greenhouse or indoors, under grow lights you can sow sunflowers in peat pots three weeks before the last spring frost.
Types of sunflowers
Types of sunflowers
Common Questions About Planting Sunflowers
Seed companies
How to choose your sunflower variety :
Open the packet of sunflower seeds from the top and follow seed-producer's instructions for planting instructions.
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