How to build a cold-storage unit in home basement - Kitchen garden - door switch - removable shelves - food storage facilities - cans - canned beverages - wine storage

How to build a Walk-In Cold Room
( Homesteading Idea - Canning Room and Food storage )




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  Building Steps
  1: Framing and ventilation system
  2: Installing storage shelves
  3: Build the vegetable bins
  4: Building Tips and finishing
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Cold-storage Unit lights - Door Switch for Walk In Cold Room


Cold-Storage Unit - Guide to build it
Tips and finishing:

Installing a door switch and allow light to open automatically when opening the door of the cold room.





Cold Storage Warehouses - Hardware ans Supplies - Food storage

Cold Room - Storage Ideas and Design

Tips and finishing:

For the door switch.





Removable shelves for Cold Room - Cold-storage unit tablets - DIY

Canning Room - Guide to build it

Tips and finishing:

Removable shelves that can be put on top of the bins vegetables.





Build storage shelf - Build removable shelves - Cold storage unit house basement

Walk In Cold Room - Home Storage

Tips and finishing:

Removable shelves built with 2" X 2" (legs) and 1" X 3" (tablets).





Homesteading Cold Room - Canning Room - Beverages storage - Building Plan

Storage Shelves - Building Plan

Tips and finishing:

Easy build it ! The Removable storage shelves.





Beginning of the Cold room project

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Find Everything about Positive cold room - Corl Room

Update 01/22/14