Seed scarification method - Using sandpaper to scuff seed for germination

How to Scarify Seeds for Easy Germination

How to scuff seeds - Improving germination - Cutting the seed coat - Organic gardening - Garden center

Method for scratching seed to improve germination

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Step 4: Rub the seeds gently for altering their seed coat

Seed Scarification - Seed Scarification Seed Stratification & Seed Soaking. Rubbing seeds to encourage germination
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This pretreatement method to improve germination of seeds may be used with sandpaper. To break gently the seed coat, rub slowly your seeds between two sheets of sandpaper. A tool like this homemade seed scuffer presented in this tutorial can be made to sratch and scarify seeds more easily.
Learn how to rub gently the seed coat to encourage seed germination.
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Seed Germination - How to rub seeds gently to scarify them 
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Seed Scarification Techniques
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