Tomato Seed Starting Tips

Planting Germination and Transplanting

Saving & storing tomato seeds - Tomato diseases and pests - Tomato Fertilizer
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Instructions for sowing tomato seeds indoors
  1: Tomato seeds and seed starting supplies
  2: Sow tomato seeds and seedlings identification
  3: Tomato grow lights for tomato seedlings
  4: Tomato seedlings growing and transplanting
Seed Sarting Tips
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Tomato Fertilizer - Watering tomato plants
Watering tomato seedlings
Tomato Fertilizer
Information about watering tomato plants
Germination growing and transplanting tomato plants :
With a garden watering can pour water into the black plastic seedlings tray (capillary action).

Do not overwater to avoid mold and prevent damping-off.

You can put a little firewood ash (hardwood) on top of the pest pots to prevent mold.
Sow tomato seeds
Watering with capillary action
Tomato Seedlings Watering Tips
Water from Below
Germination growing and transplanting tomato plants :
The water will go up in the peat pots by capillary action and feed the first roots resulting from the germination of the seeds.
How to grow tomatoes
Sprouting tomato seeds
Tomato Seeds Germination Time
How long does It take for tomato seeds to germinate
Germination growing and transplanting tomato plants :
At the stage of growing under lights (after seed germination), tomato plants do not need a high input of fertilizer. It's necessary to bet on the quality of the seedling potting mix for the seedlings.

A growing medium with mycorrhiza will do the job very well (Pro-mix hp growing medium with mycorrhizae).

Tomato seeds typically germinate in 5 to 10 days if given optimal conditions.
Grow light height 
Grow light height
Grow Lights after Sprouting
Adjustable hanging height
Germination growing and transplanting tomato plants :
Mount grow lights according to the growth of your tomato plants.

When the roots come out of the peat pots, you can transplant into larger pots.
Growing tomatoes
Tomato plants after 3 weeks under lights
How to Plant and Care for Tomatoes
From indoors to garden greehouse
Germination growing and transplanting tomato plants :
Tomato plants grow inside, in warm, waiting to be transferred to the garden greenhouse.
How to sow tomato seeds
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