How to Plant in a Cast Iron Cauldron Planter

Tips for planting a cast iron planter hanging by chain on tripod

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Building instructions
  1: Everything you need to get started
  2: Build a tripod using three logs of wood
  3: Drilling drain holes in cast iron cauldron
  4: Fill the cauldron with potting mix
  5: Creating blooming cast iron planter
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Hanging a cast iron cauldron
Way for hanging a cast iron pot
Hanging a Cast Iron Pot
Give a vintage look to your garden front yard
Creating a blooming cast iron planter :
The cast iron cauldron planter is suspended and securely attached to its support. The length of the chains determines whether the cauldron is level or not.
Planting a cast iron cauldron
Plant the old cast iron cauldron
Create a beautiful vintage planter
With vintage flowers and a cast iron cauldron
Creating a blooming cast iron planter :
Once tripod from logs of wood, chains and cast iron cauldron securely in place, it's time to plant the flowers in this new vintage planter.
Vintage planter
Arrange flowers in the cast iron cauldron
Dress up Vintage Containers
Using geranium plants
Creating a blooming cast iron planter :
When you create a rustic vintage flower box, consider the choice of annuals that match with this rustic style.

For example, geraniums and ornamental millet could be a good choice.
Cauldron tripod
Cauldron tripod idea
Cauldron Tripod Stand for Planter
DIY Hanging cast iron planter
Creating a blooming cast iron planter :
The cauldron can be laid on a stone or on logs to symbolize fire.
Transform Cauldron into a Planter
Transform Cauldron into a Planter
Vintage Garden Cauldron Tripod
Give a value to an antique cast iron cauldron
Creating a blooming cast iron planter :
Very inexpensive, this flower cast iron cauldron project is easy to do.

In addition, it's a good landscaping idea to giving a vintage look to your garden.
Large vintage cast iron cauldron from tripod as planter
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Find everything you need to know about vintage planters
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Creating a vintage cast iron cauldron planter with annuals - Steps
DIY a vintage planter using an antique cast iron cauldron
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