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Planting an attractive cedar hedge - Starting a hedge
Why not to plant cedar hedge to create privacy or for your garden landscaping design?

Fast-growing, cedar trees planted in clusters can be pruned. It also has the quality of being a conifer, so it can also be used as a windbreak system during the winter season.

In this article you'll find some guidelines for a successful cedar hedge.
Planter une haie - Plantation d'une Haie de Cèdres - Cèdres à haie
Cedar hedge
Hedging Cedar Trees - 3 Easy steps
Cedar trees for sale - Planting cedar trees hedge
Cedar trees ready for planting
Planting Cedar Trees
Calculate how many cedar trees needed
Cedar tree types and planting location :
Cedar trees for hedge can be purchased in all garden centers.

There are cedars that are sold in pots and others with bare-roots.

To make this hedge, I bought Thuya occidentalis (white cedar).

Time the planting appropriately :

You can plant cedar trees early in spring or late in fall.
Plant cedars to create privacy
Plant cedars to create privacy
Choose a Location
Provide enough space for your cedar trees
Cedar tree types and planting location :
Hedging cedar trees species avalaible on the market

► Thuya occidentalis (white cedar)
► Thuya occidentalis compacta
► Thuya occidentalis nigra (black cedar)
► Thuya occidentalis robusta or «Wareana»
► Thuya occidentalis smaragd
► Thuya occidentalis sunkist
► Thuya occidentalis techny
How to plant a cedar tree
How to plant a cedar tree
How to plant a Cedar Tree
Making an attractive hedge
Cedar tree types and planting location :
Before planting a cedar hedge at the property boundary, be proactive, consult your grounds plan and check your municipal by-laws.

Select an area with sun exposure.

In a spirit of good neighbourliness, it's recommended to consult your neighbors if the cedar trees hedge are planted on the median line of both properties.
Cedar trees planted in trench - Planting cedar trees for a hedge
Cedar trees planted in trench
Find a right location for planting
Spacing and aligment
Cedar tree types and planting location :
Provide enough space. Hedge are normally spaced just 1 to 3 feet apart.
Height of trees Spacing
48 inches high tree
(4 feet)
24 à 36 inches
60 inches high tree
(5 feet)
30 à 36 inches
72 inches high tree
(6 feet)
30 à 36 inches

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