How to Plant a Cedar Hedge - Steps to Planting Cedar Trees

Dig a trench and amend the soil

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Planting instructions
1: Cedar hedge types and planting areas
  2: Dig a trench and amend the soil
  3: Planting cedars - Fertlizing - Watering
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Planting Cedar Trees - How to plant cedar hedge
Planting cedar trees

Planting a cedar Hedge

Dig a trench for your trees
Dig a trench and amend the soil :
Remove the plastic pot.

We can observe the cedar root system.
Planting a privacy cedar hedge - Planting a cedar tree
Dig a hole or a trench
How to Plant a Cedar Hedge
Prepare the soil for the hedge before planting
Dig a trench and amend the soil :
Remove the grass to prepare planting location.

About the depth of the hole, dig an additional 6 inches under the root ball.

For planting a hedge with number of cedar trees, consider to dig a trench for ensuring the right level of humidity near the roots. The depth of the trench to plant the cedar trees will be 6 inches too.
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Hedging cedar trees
How to Align and Space the Plants
Ideas for privary landscaping property lines
Dig a trench and amend the soil :
For a straight cedar hedge, you can trace the hedge line with a rope before planting trees.
Cedar Hedge And Cedar Trees For Sale - Trimming cedar hedge
Place the tree in the hole
How to Grow a Hedge
Tips for planting a cedar trees hedge
Dig a trench and amend the soil :
Mix garden soil with peat moss. Fill in the hole with a 6 inches of potting mix.

Put your cedar tree in the hole.
Caring For Cedar Trees - Hedging Cedar Planting Tips
Align the cedar trees and fill the hole
Cedar Hedge Installation
Shrubs & Cedars Planting
Dig a trench and amend the soil :
Do the same steps for planting other trees of the hedge.

Align trees before adding soil around roots.

Add and compact soil around the ball roots.

To the left, my garden greenhouse.

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How to Plant Cedar Hedge - Steps
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