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Cleaning pressure-treated wood on a deck

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Deck cleaning instructions
  1: Mix the cleaning solution - Wood Cleaner
  2: Apply the cleaning solution to the deck
  3: Clean the deck using a pressure Washer
  4: Restoring wood to its original appearance
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Way for Cleaning a pressure-treated wood deck

I built a wooden raised deck and wrap-around deck or porch. We used the pressure-treated wood as material.

Three years after construction, it's time to clean deck with a wood cleaner before staining.

How to get the gray out of a wood deck?

How to remove mold, algae and mildew on a raised deck?

Periodic cleaning is a requirement. The following USA DIY guide will help you to restore and maintain your deck.

Cleaning Pressure-treated wood - Clean a deck - Cheap wood cleaner
Deck cleaning
How to clean your deck before staining in 4 easy steps

Techniseal Wood Cleaner - Wood cleaner Powder - Deck cleaner
Wood Cleaner

Wood Cleaner Powder
Techniseal Wood Cleaner
Mix the cleaning solution - The wood cleaner:

Follow these tips for cleaning your outdoor deck.

Using Techniseal Wood Cleaner.

This product restore wood to its original appearance. You can use it for wood decks, wood fences and other outdoor wood structures.

This USA cleaner dislodges algae, mold, mildew, ground-in dirt and grease (barbecue).

Wood cleaner Powder product get the gray out of a wood deck.

Dissolve wood cleaner in the warm water - Deck cleaners - deck wash
Wood cleaner powder
How to Clean a Deck
Deck maintenance
Mix the cleaning solution - The wood cleaner:

Powder concentrate to be dissolved in water.

Container size: 850 g
Cleans up to 500 sq. ft (46 m).

Deck Mildew Remover - restoring deck - removing greyish - clean a deck
Care and maintenance of your deck
Tips for cleaning your deck
Get the gray out of the wood deck
Mix the cleaning solution - The wood cleaner:

Manufacturer's Instructions:

Dissolve cleaner in warm water at the rate of 15 to 45 ml per liter of water.

5 to 10 ml per liter of water if its a new wood or if the wood has been installed less than 1 year or if the type of wood is a cedar.

For pressure-treated wood, it's advisable to wait at least 2 years before cleaning. Explanation is simple, wood preservative on the pressure-treated wood should have time to soak into the wood and dry.

Mix deck cleaner solution - wood deck cleaning - restoring wood deck
How to maintain a deck
Wood Cleaning Solution
Wood cleaner application guide
Mix the cleaning solution - The wood cleaner:
Use plastic watering can to apply the deck wood cleaning product.
How to clean outdoor wood Furniture - maintain a deck - wood cleaning solution
How to remove Mold & Mildew on a deck
Clean Decking
Remove gray from wooden deck
Mix the cleaning solution - The wood cleaner:
Watering can waiting to apply its contain.
Apply cleaning solution to the wood raised deck - remove mold - wood cleaner
Wood cleaning solution
Maintain a Wood Deck
Wash the deck surface
Mix the cleaning solution - The wood cleaner:

Be sure to mix well the wood cleaner powder in the water.


This product can't be used near waterways.

Read carefully the label on the container of your cleaner and follow the safety instructions.

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