Fence Brace - How to Install Sturdy Wooden Fence Posts

Setting fence posts

Fence post without concrete - Make a fence more sturdy - Diagonal fence post brace - Metal fence brace
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Steps for installation
  1: Build a Fence using Metal Post Spikes
  2: Set wood Fence Posts
  3: Wood Fence Post Bracing System
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Wood Fence Post - How to set fence posts - Metal fence post spike
Installing fence posts

Installing Fence Posts

How to strengthen fence posts
Setting wood fence posts:
Before inserting one end of the fence post, level the metal spike.

Leave the head spike (hanger) out an inch of ground to prevent rust.
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Anchoring fence posts to ground
Fence Post Bracing System
Homemade fence brace design idea
Setting wood fence posts:
Insert wooden fence post into the post base hanger.

Adjust to put in and tighten the bolts of the brackets.

Don't cut the post, keep this step to finishing the fence.
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Fence post bracing idea
Strengthening fence gate posts
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Setting wood fence posts:
It's now time to begin installing the fence post bracing system.

At a distance of 36 inches in front of the post, anchor a fence post metal spike at an angle of 45º.
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How to install garden fence posts brace
Bracing Wooden Fence Posts
Way to brace a gate
Setting wood fence posts:
Push the metal spike on the ground with a 4" X 4" timber piece or a metal plate.
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Bracing fence gate
Wood Fence Gate Bracing
Types of braces used for garden fencing
Setting wood fence posts:
Cut a pressure treated wood piece of 4 "X 4".

Cut the top of this piece at an angle of 30º.

Insert it into the hanger of the metal spike.

Screw "U" metal bracket on this 4" X 4" piece.
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