How to sheet mulch your garden - Weed control with cardboard

How to Sheet Mulch with Cardboard

Organic mulch - Way to remove sod - Raised garden bed - Lawn alternative - Organic gardening

Instructions & Steps to Sheet Mulching

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Step 1: Choose a location for your new garden beds

How to sheet mulch with carboard - Choose proper location for a new garden beds - Sheet Mulching method
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You have a grassy area in front of your house and you want to turn it into a garden? It's possible without removing lawn with sheet mulching method. First, choose the proper location for your plants and plan your garden layout.
Learn how to select the right place for landscaping your new garden bed without removing grass.
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Sheet Mulching Method - DIY Guide Instructions Tips
Sheet Mulching Method
How to Sheet Mulch - Convert your lawn by sheet mulching - How to remove grass
Sheet Mulching Instructions
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