Landscaping Under Deck Stairs

Tips for collecting stones from fields and carrying them in bags to home

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Landscaping instructions
  1: Collect round stones or rocks in the fields
  2: Lay the stone bed and log edging
  3: Fill under deck steps area with stones
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What to put under outdoor deck stairs?
Why not to landscape an under deck area! To decorate and as weed blocker, using river stones or rocks is a smart idea.

Round stones is a good landscaping material to place under decks stairs or steps, because it allows water to drain and doesn't decompose.

Check out this DIY guide!
Deck stairs
Deck stairs
Under deck stairs landscaping design idea
Kill weeds under decks
Weeds under deck stairs
What to put under deck steps
Under desck landscaping ideas
Collecting round stones from fields :
Weeds grow under the stairs.
Under deck landscaping
Weeds under deck steps
Weed Control under Decks Stairs
River or fieldstones bed idea
Collecting round stones from fields :
Below the stairs of the wrap around deck or balcony deck.

To landscape this spot, you will need to get landscape fabric and round stones.
Collected fieldstones
Get free Stones from Fields
Picking rocks for landscaping projects
Collecting round stones from fields :
Farmers are making piles of stones in their fields.

Request permission from the farmer and go to the fields with woven bags used for packaging poultry feed.
Landscaping rocks
Choosing round fieldstones
How to collect Stones
Need rocks to landscape your under deck stairs bed ?
Collecting round stones from fields :
Select the round stones and fill the bags.

Choose stones of different sizes. This will give a natural look to your layout.
Stone for landscaping
Put the round stones into the feed poultry bags
Decorative Stones for Garden
Where to find free fieldstones
Collecting round stones from fields :
Half fill the transport bags. The stone is very heavy. A half-full bag will be easier to carry.
Method for carrying heavy rocks and small round fieldstones 
Way for Carrying Stones
Using reclaimed bags
Collecting round stones from fields :
Place the bags of round stones in a vehicle. Taking care do not to overload it!
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