How to Landscape Under Deck Stairs Area

Prepapring the bed before laying decorative stones

Landscaping with river stones - Under deck finishing ideas - Tips for no weed under deck steps - Raised deck
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Landscaping instructions
  1: Collect round stones or rocks in the fields
  2: Lay the stone bed and log edging
  3: Fill under deck steps area with stones
Landscaping Project Ideas
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Build deck stairs
Weed under deck stairs before landcaping
How to Stop Weeds Under Your Deck Stairs
Prepare your landscape fabric
Lay the stone bed and install edging :
Under deck stairs view before landscaping.
Landsacpe fabric under deck
Tape for measuring landscape fabric size
How to Cut a Landscape Fabric
Get the measure of the area
Lay the stone bed and install edging :
Before cutting the landscape fabric, measure the space to be covered with a tape measure.
Under deck landscaping - Landscape fabric
Landscape fabric roll
Idea for decorating under deck stairs
Unroll landscape fabric and cut a piece
Lay the stone bed and install edging :
Unroll the roll of landscape fabric and mark with a chalk according to the right sizes.
How to cut a landscape fabric
Cutted piece of landscape fabric
Under Deck Landscaping
Bedding before laying stones
Lay the stone bed and install edging :
Landscape fabric ready to be installed under the stairs.
Lay the Landscape Fabric
Lay the landscape fabric
Put the Landscape Fabric in Place
How to Install Landscape Fabric for Weed Control
Lay the stone bed and install edging :
Remove the old thin landscape fabric that was covered with mulch. Replace it by new one.
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Landscaping under deck stairs - Steps
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