Wintering Geraniums - How to Winterize Geraniums in Pots

A Step By Step Guide to Overwintering Geraniums

Pelargonium - Growing geraniums indoors -  Geranium plant care - Garden center - Container mix
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Building instructions
  1: Dig up geraniums before the first frost
  2: Clean and prepare plants for transplanting
  3: Pot fertilize and water geraniums in container
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How to winterize geraniums in pots - HOW TO OVERWINTER GERANIUMS
Plastic Planter Box for repotting geraniums

How to Winterize Geraniums

Geraniums as indoor potted plants
Prepare geraniums for transplanting:
Window boxes, planters or pots for transplanting geraniums.
Repotting geraniums - Geranium Care Overwintering Geraniums
Filling planter box
Repotting Geraniums
Keep geraniums safe from any frost damage
Prepare geraniums for transplanting:
With a a small garden shovel, fill the planter box.
Geranium Care Tips - Growing Geraniums in Containers
Repot the geraniums in fresh container mix
Soil for Geranium Plants
Geranium care tips
Prepare geraniums for transplanting:
Get the right soil for your geraniums.

Use a potting mix with peat moss and mycorrhizae.

Filling container to a third of its capacity.
How to clean a geranium plant before overwintering - Wintering geraniums Methods
Geranium cuttings
Pruning Geraniums
Method for keeping geraniums going year after year
Prepare geraniums for transplanting:
With clean pruners clip off any moldy or rotted areas.
How to Repot the geraniums in fresh container potting mix - Wintering geraniums
Place geranium plants into the planter box
How to keep Geraniums over the Winter
Transplant geraniums from outdoors to indoors
Prepare geraniums for transplanting:
Put geranium plants into the container over the potting soil.
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