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Stone Dust Path - DIY Path Edging with Logs Design Ideas

Garden and Walkway Border Edging Ideas

Paving walkway - Plastic edging - Garden path supplies - Cheap way for edging a garden path
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Building instructions
  1: Pathway foundation and gravel
  2: Install the landscape fabric
  3: Path edging with Logs - Add stone dust
  4: Use Plate compactor - Finishing and outcome
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Path borders - Path edging - Garden borders - Garden boder for cheap - Path edging
Log material for path edging
Garden Paths Walkways
Cheap garden path edging idea
Garden Path border edging Ideas:
The diameter of the logs used in this garden path project: 8 inches.
Log path edging - Curved Pathway - Garden border design - Diy garden borders - log path edging
Create affordable garden path
Log Path Edging
Path edging design ideas
Garden Path border edging Ideas:
Moving a aspen log with a wheelbarrow.
Path edging with logs - Garden Walkway with log borders - Garden Path with log borders - Border Edging ideas
Gravel Path Landscaping
How to build a garden path
Gravel path edging idea
Garden Path border edging Ideas:
The geotextile fabric is raised on the side of the round timber to hold the material in the flower bed.
Garden border edging ideas - Buy garden borders - Pathway Ideas - Plate tamper - Walkway ideas
Layer of stone dust
Pathway Ideas
How to landscape a gravel path
Garden Path border edging Ideas:
The landscape fabric not allows the stone dust to penetrate in 0-3/4" gravel material.

This ensures the uniformity of material seen on top.
Walkway edging with log - How to build a stone dust garden path or trail - Garden path DIY Plan
Flower beds and garden pathway
Stone Dust Walkway installation
Crushed stone path
Garden Path border edging Ideas:
The geotextile fabric allows, in theory, to stop weeds in the garden pathway.


Over time, the Quackgrass (Elytrigia repens) can penetrate the landscape fabric. Even if the fabric is very good quality.
Curves in the design of garden paths - Flat stones Walkway - stone dust path
Garden path construction
Garden borders and edging ideas
How to lay a gravel path
Garden Path border edging Ideas:
A mammoth task but nice realistic look to the landscaping !
Walkway ideas - Cheap garden path idea - DIY garden Walkway - Pathways Design Ideas - Trails Building Plan
Rock dust path
Garden path designs
USA Backyard Path design
Garden Path border edging Ideas:
Choose a stone dust color stone that will marry well with the other elements of the rock garden. Here I choose the grey color.
How to build a Garden Path
Rustic walkway in your garden
How to landscape a backyard path
DIY Garden Path edging
Garden Path border edging Ideas:
Paths allowing a better flow in the garden.

Transporting material with the wheelbarrow will be much
 easier !
Build small garden path - Bed Edging - Log for bed edging - Flowerbed borders ideas - How to build bed borders
Garden Paths Walkways
DIY Garden Borders
Beds and paths edging idea
Garden Path border edging Ideas:
Flower bed and garden path building !
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