How to Protect Greenhouse Plastic from Wood Frame

A barrier between the greenhouse frame and the cover?

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Way to protect greenhouse plastic
  1: Greenhouse plastic installed without protection
  2: Premature deterioration of greenhouse poly
  3: Cut and install geotextile strips or felt tape
  4: Covering greenhouse over protection barrier
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Never lay your greenhouse cover directly on wooden frame
The following article presents photos and comments about a tip for extending the life of your greenhouse film or polyethylene laid to the wooden frame of a garden greenhouse.

Firstly, I covered my greenhouse directly on greenhouse frame. It's a mistake! I should have installed ttje plastic sheet over a felt tape or on a landscape fabric strips.

For more information and instructions, see this guide!
Greenhouse cover 
Greenhouse plastic sheeting
Idea to protect your greenhouse plastic cover
Greenhouse Repair Tape
Patched holes using greenhouse repair tape
Covering a greenhouse on a wooden frame
Poly deterioration on the greenhouse frame
Poly cover installed without protection :
After several years, the greenhouse plastic sheeting has worn out in areas where it rubs against the wooden frame of the greenhouse roof.

Red Tuck Tape was used to repair the greenhouse. There is now white Tuck Tape available on the market. It goes without saying that this is a temporary measure before installing new greenhouse plastic cover.
polyethylene greenhouse covers
It's time to replace greenhouse poly cover
Premature decline of a greenhouse cover
Eroding greenhouse frame
Poly cover installed without protection :
Here you can see many repairs on the plastic cover.

As soon as there's a small weakness or crack in the plastic, a small gust of wind and the plastic sheeting is no longer salvageable.

The wear is clearly localized where the greenhouse polyethylene is in contact with the wooden greenhouse frame.
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