Scarifying Seeds with Sandpaper - Mechanical Scarification Way

Rub smaller seeds between sandpaper

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Seed scarification steps
  1: Scarifying Seeds - Material needed
  2: Making a tool for scratching seed coats
  3: Scarify seeds with Sandpaper
  4: Soak seeds before planting
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Seed Scarification - Improving germination - Soaking seeds - Scarify seeds coat
Seeds ready to be scuffed

Scarify Seeds Coat

Scarification with sand paper
Scarify Seeds with sandpaper:
Set up is ready to scuff seeds.
Using sandpaper to scuff seed for germination - Scarification method
Using sandpaper to scuff seed for germination
Scratching or scuffing seeds
Scarification procedure
Scarify Seeds with sandpaper:
Stratification process for breaking, altering and scratching seed coat.

Be carefully! Don't grind the seeds!
How to scuff seeds For easy germination - Scracth seeds - Scarification of seeds methods
How to scuff seeds For easy germination
Overcoming Seed Dormancy
Altering the coat of a seed to encourage germination
Scarify Seeds with sandpaper:
Use the stick with sandpaper as a pestle. Rub the seeds gently at the bottom of the container.

Don't press too hard for not to burst the seeds!
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How to Scarify Seeds - Steps
DIY Seed Scarification
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