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Setting up instructions
  1: Grow lights hung with chains
  2: Removable seedling grow table
  3: Light Timer and electrical system
  4: Seed starting equipment and supplies
Seed Starting Tips
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Grolux Grow Light - Indoor fluorescent grow lights - Seed starting tips
Indoor grow table and grow light set up

Growing Lights

Fluorescent lights for plant growth
Seed starting supplies and equipment:
You can buy grow lights in all hardware stores.

To hang and adjust fluorescent grow light height, purchase chains.
Seedling starter tray - Seed starting equipment - Plastic plant tray
Seedling starter tray
Seed Trays
Starting seeds indoors in winter
Seed starting supplies and equipment:
Growing trays contain peat pots.

We can also put in the growing medium directly to sow seeds in rows. Thereafter, you must transplant seedlings in other containers.
Seedling tray with clear plastic dome - How to sow seeds indoors - Set up indoor grow table
Clear plastic dome for seedling tray
Seed starting Supplies
Plant trays and domes
Seed starting supplies and equipment:
Adequate moisture is 80% to improve seed germination.

A plastic dome for reproducing the greenhouse effect can be put on the black seed trays.
Growing medium for seedlings - Seed starting equipment - Indoor grow table
Peat Pots in  seedling tray
How to grow seedlings indoors
Peat pots for seedlings
Seed starting supplies and equipment:
Plant growing trays, growing medium and peat pots.
Jiffy peat pots - Peat pots for seed starting - Growing under lighjts seedlings
Peat pots for seed starting
Set Up Indoor Grow Table
Seed starting supplies and equipment:
Available in packs of 12-24 or 26 and of different sizes, the peat pots are essential if we want to avoid transplanting seedlings that can cause transplant shock.
Starting seeds indoors under lights - Hanging the growing lamps from chains - Set up indoor grow table
How to hang a single fluorescent fixture over a removable grow table
Seed Starting Guide
Indoor grow table and grow lights set up
Seed starting supplies and equipment:
Adjustable growing ligh system for seedlings hung with chains. Grow light timer is working.
Pro Mix HP High porosity - Promix Professional growing medium - Pro mix Hp with mycorrhizae
Professionnal growing medium - Pro Mix Hp with mycorrhizae
Potting Mix for Seeds
Planting medium to use to germinate your seed
Seed starting supplies and equipment:
Use a professionnal high porosity growing medium.

PRO-MIX® HP, with its high perlite content, provides a growing environment which benefits growers looking for significant drainage capacity, increased air porosity and lower water retention. The added benefit of a fibrous peat moss and coarse perlite makes this formulation ideal for growers demanding a superior quality product adapted to their needs for watering flexibility and crop seasonality.
Seed starting supplies - How to start plant from seed - Pro Mix HP Growing medium
Growing medium - Learn how to start seeds indoors
Growing Medium for seedling
High porosity Pro Mix
Seed starting supplies and equipment:
Mycorrhiza allows a better water and nutrients absorption for plants.
Starting seeds indoors instructions - Setting up grow table for starting plants
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