How to Build a Shed Ramp - Design Wooden Shed Ramp

Attach Ledger Board to the Shed

Backyard wood shed ideas - Wood shed ramp kit - Shed ramp stringer cut chart - Replacing shed doors
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Building instructions
  1: Attach Ledger Board to the Garden Shed
  2: Attach Stringers to the Ledger Board
  3: Install the Ramp Decking
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Building a ramp for a shed
You're the owner of a riding lawn mower or other gardening equipment on wheels?

You want to replace or build a new wooden ramp for your garden shed?

Check out this DIY Guide about hints, tips and design for a storage shed ramp.

It's easy to build!
Shed Ramp - How to build a simple shed ramp
Shed ramp
Learn to build a simple shed ramp made from recycled wood
Replacing shed ramp - Install shed ramp ledger
Building a ramp for the backyard shed
Build a Shed Ramp
How to build a simple garden shed ramp
Attach the ledger board to the shed:
For this shed, shed door sill need to be replace before to attach the ramp ledger board on it.

The length of the ledger board will be the width of the garden shed ramp.
Ramp for storage building - How to build a shed ramp
Design the shed ramp
Storage Shed ramp design
Attaching ledger board to the shed
Attach the ledger board to the shed:
Leveling door sill.
Shed Ramp Stringers and Ledger - DIY Shed ramp
Garden shed ramp stringers
Wooden Shed Ramp
From recycled materials
Attach the ledger board to the shed:
Use recycled treated lumber 4 X 4's as shed ramp stringers.
Shed ramp plan
Cutting the new shed ramp stringers
Shed Ramp Stringers
Wood shed buiding idea
Attach the ledger board to the shed:
Determine the angle considering the slope needed.

Cut the treated lumber (stringers) with a mitre saw.
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