Build a Trellis for Top of Wood fence

How to build a trellis for climbing plants

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Building instructions
  1: Install spikes and set 4x4x8 fence posts
  2: Attach panels to posts
  3: Build and install the fence gate
  4: Strengthen fence posts
  5: Attach a trellis to the top of the fence
  6: Decorative trellis idea
  7: Wood fencing - a landscaping idea for privacy
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Decorative trellis - Garden trellis
Decorative trellis
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Garden Trellis Ideas & Vertical Growing Structures
Decorative climbing trellis idea :
For style to your large fence, why not to add a point of interest when you will design it.

Installing a treillis for climbing plants between fence posts can meet this decorative need. An idea to customize your wood fence.
How to build a trellis - Trellis plans
Trellis idea for top of fence
Decorative framed lattice panel
Garden ornaments and wood fencing
Decorative climbing trellis idea :
Two trellises panel sections have been made to decorate this wood fence.

Privacy treated wood lattice was used to contrast with the square lattice panels of the other sections of the fence.
Wood fence - Wood palisade
Trellis for climbing plants
How to Build a Trellis Between Two Posts
Garden accents and trellises
Decorative climbing trellis idea :
Both trellises imitate perfectly the look of the Quebec flag catch attention by their height and by their decorative metal accent of Quebec Day Lily.

2x10s timbers installed to the top of the trellises recall the style of a pergola.

Behind these two privacy trellises, there are a large garden pond and a nice view of the Saguenay River and the Monts-Valin.d
How to build a fence - climbing trellis idea
Decorative climbling trellis idea
Build a Garden Trellis for Climbing Plants
Add a climbing trellis to wood fence
Decorative climbing trellis idea :
Instead of being directly inserted into the notches of the timbers, the privacy lattice are retained by U-moldings for treated wood lattices.
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