Growing Sunflowers From Seed

Common questions about planting sunflowers

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Tips & Techniques
  1: Choosing sunflower varieties
  2: Fill peat pots with seed starting mix
  3: Sow seeds and watering in garden greenhouse
Seed Starting Tips
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How to Grow Sunflowers
Peat pots over potting mix
Planting Sunflower Seeds
Soilless planting media
Fill peat pots using seed starting mix :
For planting seeds, use a growing medium for seedlings with mycorrhizae.

Seed mixes are typically finer and lighter than typical garden potting soil, making them easier for young roots to navigate.
How to Plant Sunflower Seeds
Prepare the soil and fill the peat pots
Tips for Planting Seedlings in Peat Pots
Start sunflower seeds indoors
Fill peat pots using seed starting mix :
Use peat pots. Sunflowers tend to react badly when transplanting to the garden.

Peat pots (Jiffy) are the perfect option for sowing and transplanting at the chosen location of sunflower planting.
Growing Sunflowers
Filled peat pots - Put them into the seedlings tray
Sow Sunflower Seeds
Proper seed starting pots for sunflower
Fill peat pots using seed starting mix :
Fill the peat pots and line them up in a black growing tray without holes.
Caring for Sunflowers
Adding some soil if needed
DIY Sunflower Seed Starting
Growing sunflowers
Fill peat pots using seed starting mix :
Once the grow tray is full of peat pots, you can even out the level of soil in each of them.
Start Sunflower Seeds Indoors
Tray and pots ready for planting seeds
How to Start Sunflower Seeds Indoors
Either indoors or in a garden greenhouse
Fill peat pots using seed starting mix :
The growing tray is very useful for watering peat cups.

Water can be poured directly into the no holes grow tray. The water will disperse by capillarity inside each peat pots.
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