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Seed Germination Methods

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Germination instructions
  1: Materials needed for cold stratification
  2: Seed Stratification Method
  3: Placing inside a common refrigerator
  4: Stratify Seeds - The germination
Tips for Starting your Seeds
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How to cold stratify seeds - Stratification Method - Method of seed germination
Soaking seeds before placing them on the stratifying medium
Seed stratification
Hand Seeder
Seed stratification method:
Empty the contents of the perennial seeds package in a plastic hand seeder. Here, you can see seeds of Parthenium integrefolium To germinate, this variety needs a period of cold.

6 to 8 weeks followed by a warm period.

Tips: You can soaking your seeds in cold water for 12 hours before placing them on the stratifying medium. Germination will be faster.
How to cold stratify seeds - Seeds stratification
Lots of perennial seeds require a period of moist cold
Stratifying Medium
How stratify seed
Seed stratification method:
Using a clip eyelashes to remove the seeds on one side of the paper towel.
Plastic Garden hand seeder - Cold Stratification materials - USA germination guise
How to treat seeds
Indoor Cold Stratification
Break Seeds Dormancy
Seed stratification method:
You can use a small hand seeder to do this.
Condition for Germination - How to germinate seed - Seed stratification
Difference between seed scarification, seed stratification and seed soaking
Cold Moist Stratification
How to improve seeds germination
Seed stratification method:
Seeds are now disposed on the piece of paper towel.
Stratifying medium for cold stratification method - Cold Stratification
Germination of perennials seeds
Baggie Method
DIY Seed stratification
Seed stratification method:
At this time, you must moistening the stratifying medium (paper towel).
Moistening seeds - Cold Stratification - Moist Stratification
Cold stratification of seeds
Moistening Seeds
Moist Stratification
Seed stratification method:
Use glass pipette dropper and fresh water.
Cold Stratification using Paper Towels - Moistening seeds - Cold Moist stratification
How to increase the chance of seeds germination
Seed Germination Tips
Best condition for germination
Seed stratification method:

Some water drops to moisten the paper towel.

You can use a fungicide to moisten the paper towel. This will prevent fungal diseases.

Stratification Baggie Method - Cold Stratification pictures - Stratify seeds - Germination conditions
Seeds inside the Sealed plastic bags
Guide to Improve Seed Germination
Preparing seeds before put them in the refrigerator
Seed stratification method:

Several plastic bags ready for cold storage.

Bags with seeds should be properly closed to keep moisture inside them.

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